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Physics 4052 Spring 2011 Student Projects

Project Student(s)

Magnetization Measurements of Localized Cooper Pairs in Indium Oxide

Clement, Colin

Determination of the Limiting Crack Propagation Velocity in Silicon Wafers

Jacobs, Alan
Ohrt, Andrew

Dipole Moment and Magnetic Susceptibility of Solutions

Warner, William

Driven Pendulum for Chaos Study

Clasen, Anthony
Glaser, Charles

Magnetic Suspension of a Metal Sphere

Walstrom, Brian
Willmert, Justin

Target Nuclei Properties and Electron-Positron Pair Production

Porter, Mitch
Schultz, Timothy

Phase Changes in Two-Dimensional Ferrofluid Spikes

Eskolin, Meghan
Hanson, James

Foucault Pendulum

Kutkiewicz, Peter
Madland, Mark

Giant Magnetoresistance in a Single Homogenous Thin Film of Permalloy

Guzik, Joseph

Heat Capacity of Liquid Helium Near the Lambda Point

Barquist, Colin
Benton, Brian

Hydrogen Cyclic Voltametry

Berntson, Bjorn

Measuring the Temperature Dependence of a Nb Superconductor’s Energy Gap

Johnson, Caitlin
Walter, Alexander

Second Sound in Liquid Helium

Mack, Jesse
Neish, Marcus

Characterization of Metals using Macro Magnetic Force Microscopy

Chen, Zijun

Optical Pumping of Rubidium

Rodrick, James
Sullivan, Michael

Optical Tweezers

Jordan, Michael
Strandberg, David

Photon Counting Statistics

Arogundade, Simisola
Kaess, Karl

Single Photon Self-Interference

Geach, Christopher
Thomas, Benjamin

Measurement of the Size and Incidence Angle of Cosmic Ray Showers

Gaidau, Cristian
Kovalev, Nikolay

Band Structure of a Period Sonic Crystal

Deluca, Nicholas
Hruby, Matthew

The Speed and Energy Distribution of Cosmic Ray Muons

McCreary, Elwood
Remmen, Grant

Development of a Wavelength-Tunable Laser Using a Superluminescent Diode

Altobell, Andrew
Schramm, Tony

Thermal Expansion Using Holography

Cochrane, Jed
Mintz, Ryan

Measurement of Viscosity of Cellular Media Using Brownian Motion

Morris, Jonathan
Rowedder, Blake
Smith, Nicholas

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