Physics 4052 Spring 2010 Student Projects

Project Student(s)
Resistivity and AC Magnetic Susceptibility of La1-xSrxCoO3 (LSCO) Kuehler, Christopher
Myers, Johnny
A Measurement of the Angular Distribution of Cosmic Ray Muons With a Cloud Chamber Granstrom, Chris
Prestegard, Tanner
Cosmic Ray Sky Survey and Angular Dispersion Crosby, Brian
Reeves, Katherine
Cosmic Ray Sky Survey Using Proportional Tubes Mulligan, Brian
Planar, Michael
Density of Liquid 4He as a Function of Temperature Nuss, Michael
Sachdeva, Dhruv
Driven Foucault Pendulum Geddes, James
Schroeder, Martin
Knots and Random Walks in Vibrated Granular Chains Gebrehiwet, Simon
Santiago, Jessica
Holographic Double Exposure Interferometry Dang, Tien
Je, Sanghyun
Josephson Effect Maunu, Ryan
Vig, Sean
Light Scattering Due to Brownian Motion Johnson, Anne
Stevens, Tanner
Magnetic Birefringence in a Liquid Crystal Brehm, Josh
Glass Brian
Krogstad, Molly
Maintaining Unstable Equilibrium of an Inverted Pendulum Julin, Andy
Weyandt, Daniel
Grating-coupled Microwave Transmission Through Subwavelength Apertures Dorroh, Daniel
Hinkle, Alicia
Muon Lifetime and Energy Spectrum Using Liquid Scintilator Dhital, Valerie
Hakimi, Sahel
Optical Polarization of M1 (Crab Nebula) Ely, Justin
Vouk, Lisa
Saturated Absorption of Rubidium Using a Diode Cavity Laser Behrman, Keith
Kinnischtzke, Laura
Optical Tweezers Peterson, Bob
Thorstad, Eric
Sonic Band Gap in a Periodic Waveguide Barthel, Joseph
Copenhaver, Ben
Cosmic Ray Muon Polarization Kaardal, Joel
Martin, Peter
Scattering Polarization of Simulated Atmosphere Shenoy, Dinesh
Voltin, Jesse
The Dipole Moment Shift between the Electronic States of Coumarin 102 Grasse, Cole
Second Sound in Liquid Helium II Fuglsby, Jason
Nixon, Matt
Conductive Inkjet Printing Brown, Steve
Howell, Nick

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