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Physics 4052 Spring 2009 Student Projects

Project Student(s) Internal Advisor External Advisor Initial Presentation Final Presentation
Photoluminescence Characteristic of InP/InGaAs Quantum Well Heterostructures Brady Anderson
Crowell Talghader 3/9/09 5/6/09
Study of Nonlinear Dynamics using Electrical Circuits Roger Jepson
Jeremy Lewis
Pan   3/9/09 5/6/09
Density of He as a Function of Temperature Mitch Oestreich
Nicholas Thiede
Kinney Zimmermann 3/9/09 5/4/09
Determination of Surface State Transition Temperatures and Electric Polarization in Thin Liquid Crystal Films using Depolarized Reflected Light Microscopy Brian Moths
Can Zhang
Pan Huang 3/11/09 5/4/09
Measuring the Hydrodynamic Diameter of Polystyrene Spheres by Dynamic Light Scattering Anthony Anderberg
Nathan Mirman
Pan Zimmermann 3/11/09 5/4/09
Electron-Positron Pair Production Adam Peterson
Wick   3/23/09 4/27/09
Mean Velocity of Cosmic Ray Muons Mitch Ahrens
Jake Bobula
Wick Poling 3/13/09 5/1/09
High Altitude Balloon Experiment: Radiation vs. Altitude Amy Fleischhacker
Nicole Laffaye
Wick Flatten 3/13/09 5/1/09
Josephson Junctions Mathew Brian
Jeff Mattson
Kinney Crowell 3/13/09 4/29/09
Magnetic Force Macroscopy Tyler Hennen
Hanany Dahlberg 3/23/09 4/29/09
Measuring the AC Magnetic Susceptibility and Curie Temperature of Gadolinium Teresa Brecht
Christina Cowman
Kinney Dahlberg 3/23/09 4/29/09
Gradient Echo in 1-D MRI Robert Harris
Crowell Garwood 3/11/09 5/1/09
Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Greg Olmschenk
Ryan Poitra
Kinney   3/25/09 4/27/09
Measurement of the Zeeman Effect by Optical Pumping Kristopher Kirkland
Wick   3/25/09 4/27/09
Temperature dependence of resistivity and AC susceptibility in La1-xSrxCoO3 Dan Buettner
Nick Olson
Erickson Crowell 3/25/09 4/24/09
Persistent Photoconductivity in a/nc-Si:H Thin Films Zvie Razieli
David Stark
Kakalios Crowell 3/27/09 4/24/09
Rain Induced Environmental Nuclear-Activity Experiment Mark Johnson
Kirby Myers
Wick   3/27/09 4/24/09
Speed of Fourth Sound in Liquid Helium II Ian Moore
Michael Sawhney
Kinney Zimmermann 3/27/09 4/22/09
Microwave-Induced Ferromagnetic Resonance in Permalloy Erik Malm
Matt Olander
Kinney Crowell 3/30/09 4/22/09
SQUID Measurement of The Voltage vs. Magnetic Flux Curve Ryan McNamara
Mike Spillane
Hanany   3/30/09 4/22/09

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