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Starting Wednesday April 30 we will videotape the presentations of consenting students.  We will get your permission ahead of time. We thank those of you who agree!


The Final Reports are due Monday, May 12, 2008 by 12:05 P.M.  Each student must submit his or her own Final Report.  The Final Report should be 10 pages or less, single sided, double spaced, with a minimum font size of 11 points.

Feel free to add appendices that might be helpful for future generation of students. The appendices will not be considered as part of the graded report.

You must submit your report in electronic form as a PDF document.  (Use the computers labeled Marcellus and Guildenstern in room 65 to convert your report to a PDF file.  For example, to convert a MS Word document into PDF, in MS Word select the “Adobe PDF / Convert PDF” menu.)  Rename your PDF file so that its name will the same as your MXP account name.  Copy your PDF file to the U:\pub\S08\FinalReport folder.  (For privacy reasons, you will not be able to open the folder or see the file once it has been copied to this folder.)

Please make sure that you submit the report before the deadline, and that it conforms to the formatting requirements.


The project web sites have been set up.  The web sites must be completed by May 13, 4:30 P.M.  Instructions on how to design the project web page can be found here.


The photon detection homework is now posted. It will be due May 7 in class.


Please, instead of emailing your student presentations, copy them to the U:\pub\S08\Student Presentations folder.  Also, when in doubt that the presentations will work convert your report to a PDF document using the computers in room 65 that have Adobe Acrobat installed.  (Currently this are the machine labeled Marcellus and Guildenstern.)  In PowerPoint, select the “Adobe PDF / Convert PDF” menu.


Instructions on how to create, print and make the poster for the poster session will be posted in the U:\pub\S08\Poster folder.


The schedule for the second student presentation has been posted.  Class attendance is again mandatory and attendance will be taken.


The cryogenics homework has been posted. The homework is due in class on Wednesday April 23.


Professor Hanany's lecture notes on Scientific Writing have been posted here.


The Midterm Reports are due April 9, 2008.  (Note: the date change.) They are optional and you may hand them in as group project or individually.  (Note: each student will be required submit his or her own Final Report!)   The Midterm Reports will not count towards your final course grade.  However, it provides a great opportunity for you to receive feedback from your professors before submitting your Final Reports.

The Midterm Reports should contain the introduction and theory sections.  If you feel that your apparatus design is finalized, also include this section and any data and results if you already have some.  Since you (hopefully) will be using the same information for your Final Report, you can think of the Midterm Reports as the first half of your final report and you may as well get it done now.  The usual guidelines on style and size pertain to the Midterm Report: 12 point font, double spaced, maximum 10 pages.

Finally, submit your report in electronic form.  Convert your report to a PDF document using the computers in room 65 that have Adobe Acrobat installed.  (Currently this is the machine labeled Marcellus.)  In MS Word, select the “Adobe PDF / Convert PDF” menu.  Copy the converted file in the U:\pub\S08\Midterm Report folder.  (For privacy reasons, you will not be able to open the folder or see the file once it has been copied to this folder.)
bulletA cryogenics sample homework and related tables have been posted here.  The actual homework and its due date will be announced later.
bulletThe proposals have (finally) been graded and the grades have been posted on WebCT. Please talk to your (internal) advisor about the graded proposals. This feedback will be important and aid you when you start writing your final report.
bulletNo weekly progress reports will be required this year in this course!
bulletThe Scientific Writing Homework #1 and #2 (with the corresponding  sample project reports) have been posted here.  The first homework will be due in class, Monday March 24, the second on March 26 respectively.
bulletNo progress reports are required for the first 2 weeks of projects.  We will keep you posted on how we implement the progress reports for the rest of the semester.
bulletNote the the schedule for the initial project talks has been changed.  Please check the date of your talk.
bulletThe project proposal is due this Friday, February 22, in class. If you haven’t met with your project advisor yet, please do so as soon as possible! One proposal per group will be submitted. The length of the proposal will be restricted to 10 (single sided, double spaced) pages maximum!


bulletThe due date for the second lab report for the Tuesday / Thursday sections has been changed from Tuesday February 12 to Thursday, February 14.  This will give the TAs time to discuss the first lab report with each student during regularly scheduled labs on Tuesday, February 12.  (Note: this change does not affect the Monday / Wednesday lab section and for this section the due date remains February 13. The TAs will hand back and discuss the first report on Monday, February 11.)


bulletThe statistics homework can be downloaded here as a PDF file.  It is due on February 18th in class.


bulletA sample proposal can be found here.


bulletThe list of projects with advisors has been published.


bulletThe lab write-ups are due at the beginning of the lab session.  The write-ups for the Tuesday / Thursday lab sessions are due on February 5, 12 and 28.  The write-ups for the Monday / Wednesday lab sessions are due on February 6, 13 and on March 3 in class.


bulletSuggestions and rules for the lab reports for the experiments can be found here.


bulletThe first lab sessions, Lab Sections 2, 3 and 4 will be held Tuesday, January 22.  The lab manual will be handed out during the first lab session.  PDF versions of the lab manual and its experiments have been posted at


bulletProject Proposal outlines and Letter of Intent (LOI) Forms can be downloaded here as a PDF file.

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