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bulletIMPORTANT: The time (and duration) for the Final Exam has been changed to 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  The date, Monday, December 17, 2007, remains unchanged.  The exam will be held in Physics 170, i.e., the current lecture room. 
bulletSection 11.2: Assignment:
In addition to exercises in section 11.1 and 11.3 you must hand in this assignment. It is in lieu of the programming assignments in section 11.2!

bulletThe handouts for the C lectures have been posted here.


bulletChapter 5 and 6 mistakes in the lab manual are posted here.


bulletThe new recitation section,  Fridays, in room 65 at 12:20 PM, has been canceled due to lack of demand.  The original recitation session, at 1:25 pm will be held.


bulletClarifications and corrections to lab manual chapter 5, specifically the write-up questions for lab 5.3., can be downloaded here.  Note: Chapter 5 is a "Short" write-up; this was incorrectly stated in the lab manual.


bulletThe electronic text for the class, "Electronics For Experimenters," can be obtained from the following website:
bullet Chapter 1
bullet Chapter 2
bullet Chapter 3
bullet Chapter 4
bullet Chapter 5
bullet Chapter 6


bulletDue Dates for Write-Ups:
bulletThe following rules apply for the due dates of the short and long reports:
  1. For each chapter in the lab manual, two lab sessions are assigned, i.e., si and si+1.
  2. The short reports are due at the beginning of the next lab session after the two assigned lab sessions, i.e., at si+2.  The only exception to this applies to the section meeting Monday / Wednesday, section 2; in that case see point 3.
  3. For the Monday / Wednesday lab section, section 2, the short write-ups may either be handed in at the beginning of the next lab session after the two assigned lab sessions, i.e., at si+2 or during the Friday lecture following si+2.
  4. The long reports (for all sections) are  due at the beginning of the second lab session after the two assigned lab sessions, i.e., at si+3.
  5. Some of these rules will change after the Thanksgiving week; announcements and or modifications to the rules stated above may follow.
bulletFor the specific due dates and hand-in location for the various sections, consult the table below:
  Sections: 3, 4, 5     Section 2  
Chapter Tues / Thurs Location   Mon / Wed Location
1   9/11/2007 Lab   9/14/2007 Class
2   9/20/2007 Lab   9/24/2007 Lab
3   9/25/2007 Lab   9/28/2007 Class
4   10/2/2007 Lab   10/5/2007 Class
5   10/9/2007 Lab   10/12/2007 Class
6   10/18/2007 Lab   10/22/2007 Lab
7   10/23/2007 Lab   10/26/2007 Class
8   10/30/2007 Lab   11/2/2007 Class
9   11/8/2007 Lab   11/12/2007 Lab
10   11/13/2007 Lab   11/16/2007 Class
11   11/20/2007 Lab   11/26/2007 Lab
12   11/27/2007 Lab   11/28/2007 Lab
13   12/4/2007 Lab   12/5/2007 Lab
14   12/13/2007 Lab   12/13/2007 Lab Room


bulletRules for the write-ups and a sample short and long write-up for a fictitious problem can be viewed here.


bulletFigures from the Fall 2007 lab manual can be downloaded from here.  You may use these for your lab reports / write-ups.


bulletThe first lab sessions, Lab Sections: 5 ( TTh 10:10 to 12:05), 3 ( TTh 12:20 to 2:15) and section 4 (TTh 2:30 to 4:25), will be held as scheduled Tuesday, September 4.  Section 2 ( MW 10:10 to 12:05), will meet for the first time on Wednesday, September 5.  The lab is in room 65 in the basement of the physics building!


bulletThe first lecture will be held on Wednesday September 5 (2:30 PM - 03:20 PM) in room 170 of the physics building.

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